Hate down-time?

Our process gets to the bottom of your technology concerns and fixes them quickly. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and keep your tech downtime to a minimum.

In fact, many of our clients don’t experience any downtime at all!


What do you do when your data is trapped in a dead hard-drive?

When the worst has happened and your hard-drive is critically damaged, you need nothing less than expert knowledge and experience, fast. Our delicate and thorough process ensures you have the best chance of recovering everything that’s important to you and your business.


Can your warehouse keep up?

We understand that your factory operations are equally as important as your emails and invoicing. In fact, you can’t have one without the other! iLogic are experts in integration, and we love to keep everyone happy!


Tired of fixing stuff?

Through iLogic’s Remote Monitoring and Management, you can ensure your business stays one step ahead. Whether it’s a full hard-disk or a failed backup. We’ve thought of everything that can go wrong and we’ve figured out how to stop it from happening. Not even God can do that.


S**t happened?

Whether you’ve experienced a fire, a flood, or a cyber-attack, you need to recover quickly. iLogic has seventeen years of experience recovering our clients from any disaster imaginable, our focus is on restoring your operations so you can get back to doing what you do best. Let us help you get back on your feet quickly and painlessly.


Can you afford to lose that file?

It’s all about the data – Whether you’re scanning, emailing, saving documents or uploading files, your filling your PC’s memory almost at the speed of light. Yet, a swift and deliberate act of cyber-ransom or even an innocent accident can mean that your data could be gone forever. When you’re with iLogic, we won’t let that happen, because we know it means the world to you.

iLogic can provide you with a plan to respond swiftly to any threat to your business. We have experience dealing with the most malicious and stealth-mode attacks that can bring your business to a complete halt.