98% of business owners say they wouldn’t be able to operate without their data, yet only 38% say their current system is secure enough to properly protect themselves.


​ Is your system secure enough?





"iLogic helped us when we experienced our first ‘IT crisis’. We had no idea what to do or how to get back to being operational. We had already wasted a day of troubleshooting with a ‘friend of a friend’ and had gotten nowhere. iLogic came in and had us sorted by lunchtime. While they were there they also implemented safe-systems in case something similar happened again. We’ve never looked back and would recommend iLogic to any business."

. - K. Marks WHAT THEY SAY. _____

"We engaged the services of iLogic when our company was in a growth phase and we were struggling to manage all the new infrastructure we had implemented. We found iLogic to be extremely knowledgeable with all the latest technology and how to make it fit in with our existing stuff. I would have no trouble in recommending iLogic to any company in the same situation. They are fast and professional and provided great value for our investment."

. - J. Langham WHAT THEY SAY. _____

"iLogic has been our go-to provider for all our Information Technology requirements. From PC updates to software and email support they have been supporting us for well over 15years. For any issues or upgrades, they have always acted in a timely fashion and ensured our system was up and running with as little lost time possible. We have found iLogic to be an invaluable resource and trusted supplier."

. - C. Lobb WHAT THEY SAY. _____

"We own a boutique manufacturing company and have been supplying a small but loyal customer base for over five years. Two years ago, we had a dispute with our landlord and were forced to find new premises to trade from. We had just over a week to move out and into a new factory! We were panicked and had too much to worry about. We had used iLogic once before and knew them to be professional and quick with everything, so we asked them to help us. They had no trouble in co-ordinating our move and their focus was to get our systems operating again so that we had as little down-time as possible. It turned out to be the best decision and made the whole experience a lot less traumatic.."

. - A.Gilman WHAT THEY SAY. _____